Sea Turtle Conservation Centre

Phang-nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center (also known as “Turtle Heaven”) was founded in 1985. It originally was set up as Phang-nga Mollusk Culture Research Station to produce cockle, oyster seeds, and shrimp larvae. Later on in 2002, it was then promoted to Phang-nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center.

The center is located along Thai Muang Beach in Phang-nga Province or about 30 kilometers south of downtown Khao Lak. Total area of the center is around 37 acres. The center is a government agency taken care by Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Bureau, Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Khao Lak Turtle Farm

The center is a wonderful attraction and fit for all ages. It opens daily from 08:30 – 16:30. Tourists can really enjoy some quality time at this unique research facility and learn about turtles and other marine lives (Entry fee is only 20 THB per person).

Objective and Responsibilities of the Center

The objective of the center is to foster and protect wide range of marine life. Its responsibilities include;
– Researching and developing coastal aquaculture and marine lives that are vital to the economy.
– Testing research solutions to link with Research Institute of Salt Water Shrimp, Coastal Aquatic Feed Research Institute, and Institute of Coastal Diseases.
– Using technology to help expand the volume of marine products for commercial purposes.
– Managing the coastal aquaculture industry and natural resources in a sustainable way.
– Setting Inspection Standards of products from coastal fishing.
– Certifying the process of coastal aquaculture production, which have to meet the standards of safety for consumers and the environment.
– Producing and breeding rare and endangered coastal species to help conserve and develop marine economy.
– Developing the production of tiger shrimp breeder and managing water irrigation system for salt water shrimp.