Elephant Bathing & feeding

A half day trip that allows you to have an exceptional experience with elephants. Get closer to the animals, play in the water and swim with them, touch, scrub and feed the gentle giants. The elephants are well-treated, friendly and having so much fun getting drenched.


Why Elephant Bathing & Feeding ?

Domestic elephants have been with humans (especially here in SEA) since centuries, been used for transportation, working, entertainment. Domesticated animals are in-house born, impossible to release into the wild for many reasons: unable to find (enough) food, due to been fed for many generations and loss of habitat, deforestation, communities, plantations etc, unable to connect to herds in the wild. So by involving activities with animals in the tourism industry is supporting the animals and the owners in a good manner. Elephant Bathing & Feeding is to support natural behavior of elephants as they do so in the wild, therefore it is not considered a cruelty.

Elephant Bathing & Feeding is suitable for following qualification of joiner:

1. The joiner who has healthy physical body condition.
2. The joiner who does not has heart disease or Parkinson.
3. The joiner who is between 4 – 65 years old and able to swim.